The holiday season is fast approaching, and if you're a LEGO enthusiast, you won't want to miss out on this!

Imagine combining the joy of counting down to Christmas with the thrill of building and collecting LEGO sets. Whether you're young or young at heart, LEGO Advent calendars are a fantastic way to infuse creativity into your holiday traditions.

Join us as we dive into the world of festive bricks and imaginative surprises. Don't miss the chance to make your holiday season even more magical with these fantastic LEGO Advent calendars!

LEGO City Advent Calendar

For those who love bustling cityscapes and everyday heroes, the LEGO City Advent Calendar is a perfect choice. This calendar features a variety of mini-builds, including vehicles, minifigures, and festive city scenes. You can expect everything from a snowplow and a Christmas tree lot to a skateboard and even Santa himself. It's a delightful way to bring a touch of city life to your holiday season.


What makes it so awesome? Well, it's got a fantastic variety of fun characters to enjoy. Plus, when you unfold the playmat, it's like opening up your very own snug winter wonderland. And guess what? This playset is like a story waiting to happen. Kids get to create all sorts of imaginative tales as they open each gift. And the best part? It's a blast for our little builders! They'll find a super easy construction guide inside each calendar door, making it a breeze to build and have tons of fun.

LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar

Calling all Star Wars fans! The LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar is a galaxy far, far away packed into 24 days of excitement. Unbox your favorite Star Wars characters, starships, and iconic locations as you countdown to Christmas. With exclusive minifigures and unique builds, this calendar is a force to be reckoned with in the world of LEGO Advent calendars.


Because it's a daily surprise! Imagine opening a new door each day and discovering what's hiding behind it. It's 24 days filled with excitement! And here's the best part every single day, you get a new buildable LEGO Star Wars treat behind those doors. Talk about variety! You'll find everything from Tie Fighters and Republic Fighters to Twin-Pod Cloud Cars and more. It's a galaxy of fun waiting for you.

LEGO Friends Advent Calendar

If you're looking for a more heartwarming holiday experience, the LEGO Friends Advent Calendar has got you covered. Join Olivia, Mia, Emma, Stephanie, and Andrea in their festive adventures. You'll find charming animals, holiday-themed accessories, and lots of friendship-filled fun. This calendar is perfect for anyone who enjoys the heartwarming world of LEGO Friends.


The LEGO Friends Advent Calendar is all about celebrating friendship and having a great time. Each day, you'll discover delightful surprises that bring the Heartlake City gang to life, encouraging imaginative play and bonding with friends.This calendar features a wide range of adorable mini-builds, from cute animals to charming holiday-themed accessories. It's a delightful mix that keeps the excitement going throughout the holiday season.

LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar

Accio, LEGO magic! The LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar is a dream come true for Potterheads of all ages. Discover enchanting surprises from the Wizarding World, including mini-builds of iconic locations like Hogwarts and beloved characters like Harry, Ron, and Hermione. It's the perfect way to add a touch of Hogwarts to your holiday celebrations.


It immerses LEGO enthusiasts into the enchanting world of Harry Potter, allowing them to recreate iconic scenes and characters from the beloved book and film series. It offers a variety of holiday-themed builds, from Hogwarts-themed decorations to familiar Wizarding World elements decked out for the festive season. Each day reveals a new surprise that captures the holiday spirit.

LEGO Marvel Avengers 2023

The LEGO Avengers Advent Calendar is destined for blockbuster success, thanks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe's immense popularity. This calendar offers fans a unique opportunity to blend their affection for superheroes with the holiday season, resulting in cherished memories. As each door reveals a new Marvel hero or holiday-themed build, fans can relish the perfect merger of their passions. It's a recipe for unforgettable moments that will resonate with fans of all ages, making every holiday season a memorable superhero adventure.


This calendar offers 24 days of excitement, with each door revealing a surprise that brings iconic superheroes like Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor into the festive spirit. From unique minifigures and holiday-themed builds to imaginative storytelling opportunities, it's a countdown to Christmas that sparks creativity and joy. Whether you're a young Marvel enthusiast or a lifelong fan, the LEGO Avengers Advent Calendar is a must-have addition to your holiday traditions, allowing you to merge your love for superheroes with the magic of the season.


Are LEGO Advent calendars suitable for all age groups, or are they primarily designed for children?

LEGO Advent calendars are designed to be enjoyed by all age groups. While they often feature child-friendly themes, the building and creative aspects make them appealing to both kids and adults.

Are the mini-builds and pieces in LEGO Advent calendars exclusive, or can you find them in regular LEGO sets?

Many of the pieces and mini-builds in LEGO Advent calendars are exclusive to the calendar for that specific year. However, some elements may occasionally appear in other LEGO sets.

Can you reuse a LEGO Advent calendar from a previous year, or are they designed for one-time use?

LEGO Advent calendars are typically designed for one-time use, as they are meant to be a daily surprise leading up to Christmas. However, the pieces and minifigures can be integrated into your existing LEGO collection for further creativity.

How can I get my hands on a specific LEGO Advent calendar if it's sold out in stores?

If a LEGO Advent calendar is sold out in physical stores, you can often find them through online retailers, LEGO's official website, or auction sites. It's a good idea to plan ahead and purchase early, as they tend to sell out quickly.

Are there any special tips for storing and preserving the pieces and minifigures from a LEGO Advent calendar once the holiday season is over?

To keep your LEGO Advent calendar pieces in good condition, consider using small plastic containers or resealable bags to store them separately. This will help prevent pieces from getting lost and make it easier to enjoy the set again in the future.

Best Life At Large Takeaway

LEGO Advent calendars are a fantastic way to make the holiday season even more special for LEGO lovers. Whether you're into city life, epic space battles, heartwarming friendships, magical wizardry, or intricate engineering, there's a LEGO Advent calendar tailored just for you. These calendars not only provide daily surprises but also allow you to create your own festive LEGO scenes, adding a unique touch to your holiday decorations. So, don't miss out on the joy of building and counting down to Christmas with these 5 best LEGO Advent calendars! Happy holidays and happy building!

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