With winter comes the snow, and with snow comes endless possibilities for crafting fun. Whether you’re looking for a creative way to pass the time on a cold winter’s day or need something to keep your kids entertained indoors, these five crafts are sure to do the trick.

These five fun and creative crafts are perfect for kids and also kids at heart. They’ll keep you busy and entertained for hours on end – and they’re a great way to show your creative side.

We all know that crafting can be a lot of fun, but it can also be pretty messy. That’s why we suggest doing these crafts on a day when you don’t mind getting a little bit messy.

So break out the glitter glue and get ready to craft up something special!

Snowflake Window Clings

Zonon 24 Pieces Holiday Snowflake

DIY Craft Kit Kids Winter Snowflake 

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Why We Love It?

Make your windows sparkle with these easy-to-make window clings. All you need is some white craft foam, glitter, glue and scissors to create your very own winter wonderland. It’s simple enough for even the youngest of crafters!

DIY Wooden Snowflakes

Christmas Wooden Snowflake

50 Pcs DIY Wood Snowflake Cutouts

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Why We Love It?

Of all the cardboard Christmas decorations out there, why would you settle for anything less than handmade wooden snowflakes? With these DIY Wooden Snowflake Unfinished Wood Ornaments Cutouts, you can channel your creative side and make ornaments that will stand out and impress. Nothing says the holidays like showing off your crafting prowess with custom made ornaments that are unique to you! Get creative, get crafty, and make this holiday season one to remember!

Snowman Play Dough

Aneco 6 Snowman DIY Kit

Christmas Air Dry Modeling Clay Build Snowman

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Why We Love It?

Who says you can only make play dough in summer? This snowy version is perfect for playing on cold days when you can’t get outdoors. Just mix together white flour, salt, vegetable oil and water and let your little one use their imagination to create a mini winter wonderland!

Felt Snow Man Sticker Scene

Max Fun DIY Felt Snowman

Pcs Crafts Kit Wall Hanging Xmas Gifts

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Why We Love It?

Decorating a snowman with 35 stickers? Oh, trust me when I say that this is far easier than ever expected! With my creative ideas and some sheer luck, you'll be able to recreate the charm of winter in no time. Challenge yourself to utilize all of your stickers! And remember: if you can't find the perfect spot for each one, two or even three stuck together would create a very interesting effect. Now get busy and let your imagination run wild; after all, what could go wrong with a snowman made of stickers?

Snowman Crayon Art

Cute Christmas Coloring Book

A Large Print Coloring Book Featuring Fun and Easy Christmas Scenes

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Why We Love It?

Who needs snow to build a snow man when you can have the exact model of your dreams with a trusty snow man coloring book? You will have the thrill of creating something totally wild and exciting without worrying about a single melting snowflake! The possibilities are truly infinite. Create a multicolored snowman with a striped scarf, dress them up in polka dot shorts or athletic gear, or even give them a silly summer hat. Best of all, you won't even have to worry about remaking him every time it snows and he melts away--you can just color him in again and again!

Best Life At Large Takeaway

With winter in full swing there's no better time than now to get crafty with your little ones! These five snow winter crafts are guaranteed hits—they're easy enough for even young children but still tons of fun for older kids too. So don't be afraid to get creative this season—you never know what sort of masterpiece might come out of it!

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