Kayaking is a thrilling water sport that has been gaining popularity over the years. What makes kayaking even more enjoyable is the experience of fishing in the tranquil waters. However, finding fish in the vast water body is no easy task. This is where Humminbird fish finders come into the picture. Humminbird fish finders are regarded as one of the best fishing tools available in the market, boasting unrivaled accuracy, advanced technology, and high-quality display. Finding the best fish finder for kayaks that suits your budget and needs can be a daunting task, considering the plethora of options available. This guide will give you an insight into the 5 best Humminbird fish finders that are perfect for your kayak.

Humminbird Helix 5

The Humminbird Helix 5 is an affordable yet robust fish finder designed for kayaking. This model comes with a 5-inch color display that features 800 x 480 resolution, providing a crystal-clear view of the underwater terrain and fish location. Its GPS chartplotting feature is incredible, which helps in navigating through unfamiliar water bodies. Additionally, this model features dual-beam sonar, which displays images in standard 2D and Down Imaging. The Helix 5 also comes with a micro-SD card slot for map sharing and saving screenshots.


  • 5-Inch Color WVGA Display
  • Down Imaging for a clear view of what's happening below your boat
  • SwitchFire SOnar to take command of how your sonar returns appear
  • Dual Beam PLUS Sonar - Two beams combine for great detail and a generous coverage area
  • Keypad control interface X-Press menu system

Humminbird Helix 7

The Humminbird Helix 7 is a mid-range option that comes packed with features. It boasts a 7-inch HD display that offers a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels, providing unparalleled image clarity in bright sunlight. Its built-in GPS navigator allows you to save up to 2750 waypoints, making navigation more straightforward. Its CHIRP sonar technology is another standout feature that differentiates it from other models in its class. CHIRP sonar technology sends high-frequency pulses to the water, providing detailed image and accurate location of the fish. Lastly, the Helix 7 also includes dual-beam sonar, sonar recording, and the user-friendly SwitchFire system.


  • Enjoy a wider view of what's below the water with 7" ultra-wide display
  • Easily identify fish and structure through MEGA Down Imaging and Dual Spectrum CHIRP Sonar
  • Connect multiple fish finders quickly with Ethernet Networking

Humminbird Helix 9

The Humminbird Helix 9 is the ideal option for anglers who seek the best of the best in terms of Fishfinders. This state-of-the-art fish finder features an extraordinary 9-inch diagonal screen with 800 x 480 pixels resolution. It's equipped with CHIRP sonar technology that provides highly detailed views of fish and underwater terrain. The Helix 9 has a built-in GPS system that offers an accuracy of up to 2.5 meters, plus it is compatible with lake maps and Navionics charts. Its SwitchFire Sonar technology makes it easy to toggle between multiple display modes, depending on the fishing environment.


  • See highly detailed views of fish and underwater terrain with CHIRP sonar technology
  • Accurately locate your boat with the built-in GPS system
  • Easily toggle between multiple display modes with SwitchFire Sonar technology
  • Catch more fish than ever before with superior precision
  • Enjoy a worry free exploration of new waters due to intricate mapping features

Humminbird Solix 15

The Humminbird Solix 15 is a high-end fish finder that comes with advanced features, making it the optimal choice for professional anglers. This model boasts a massive 15.4-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 1280 x 800 and adjustable LED backlighting. It also uses side scan sonar technology that detects fish up to 200 feet on both sides of the boat. Its down-imaging sonar capability is unparalleled, providing crystal-clear images of fish in water.


  • Enjoy a wide 15.4" screen with adjustable LED backlighting
  • Detect fish up to 200 feet on either side with revolutionary Side Imaging technology
  • Catch more fish than ever before with superior precision and accuracy thanks to Down Imaging Sonar
  • Automatically record sonar readings and store them for future reference using AutoChart Live

Humminbird Helix 12

The Humminbird Helix 12 is another top-of-the-line fish-finding machine suitable for kayaking. It features a 12.1-inch high-resolution display with LED backlighting, providing a detailed view of underwater terrain. This model also comes with advanced CHIRP sonar technology, and MEGA Imaging that provides unmatched accuracy and clarity on the location of fish. You can easily switch between multiple screen views with its innovative Side and Down Imaging, making it easy to detect underwater objects. Its GPS system is top-notch, allowing you to save 45 000 waypoints, 50 tracks, and 20 000 track points.


  • 12.1" WVGA High Definition Display and LED Backlighting
  • Advanced CHIRP Sonar and MEGA Imaging Technology for Unmatched Accuracy
  • GPS Chartplotting with Internal GPS Receiver
  • Switchfire Side & Down Imaging for a Clear View of What's below the Boat
  • Easy to Use Keypad Control Interface

Why Fish Finder Is Essentials for Kayakers?

For kayakers, a fish finder is essential for several reasons:

Efficient Fishing: Kayakers often have limited storage and mobility compared to larger boats. With a fish finder, kayakers can precisely target fishing areas with higher fish concentrations, maximizing their chances of catching fish.

Safety: Fish finders can also detect underwater hazards and structures, helping kayakers avoid potential dangers and navigate safely through unknown waters.

Time-Saving: Instead of relying on trial and error, kayakers can quickly identify productive fishing spots, saving time and energy during their fishing trips.

Enhanced Experience: Using a fish finder adds an element of excitement and discovery to kayak fishing, as kayakers gain insights into the underwater world they're exploring.


Can I use any fish finder for my kayak, or do I need a specific one?

Most modern fish finders are adaptable to kayak use. However, it's essential to choose a fish finder that is suitable for small watercraft, has a compact design, and is easy to install on a kayak. Consider factors like portability, battery life, and mounting options when selecting a fish finder for your kayak.

Will the fish finder work in both saltwater and freshwater environments?

Yes, fish finders are effective in both saltwater and freshwater environments. However, it's essential to rinse the fish finder and transducer with freshwater after each use in saltwater to prevent corrosion and ensure longevity.

How deep can a fish finder detect fish underwater?

The depth range of a fish finder depends on its specific model and features. Most fish finders designed for kayaks can detect fish and structures at depths ranging from a few feet to several hundred feet.

What is a fish finder and why is it important for kayakers?

A fish finder is an electronic device used by anglers to locate fish underwater. It utilizes sonar technology to send sound waves into the water, which bounce off objects like fish and return as echoes. The device then interprets these echoes to display information on a screen, showing the water depth, presence of fish, and underwater structures.

What features should I look for when choosing a fish finder for kayaking?

When selecting a fish finder for kayaking, consider the following key features:

  • Portability: Opt for a compact and lightweight fish finder that is easy to carry and won't take up much space on your kayak.
  • Battery Life: Look for a fish finder with a long-lasting battery to ensure it lasts for your entire fishing trip. Some models offer energy-efficient features to prolong battery life.
  • Waterproofing: Ensure that the fish finder is designed to withstand splashes and exposure to water, as kayaks are likely to encounter water conditions.
  • Transducer Mounting Options: Check if the fish finder offers various mounting options suitable for kayaks. Flexible mounting choices include suction cups, clamp mounts, and adhesive mounts, without the need for drilling holes in your kayak.
  • Display: Choose a fish finder with a clear and easy-to-read display, especially in direct sunlight, for better visibility while kayaking.
  • GPS Functionality: Some fish finders come with GPS features that allow you to mark waypoints, record your routes, and navigate back to productive spots easily.
  • Depth Range: Consider the depth range of the fish finder to ensure it suits the waters you frequently fish in.

What types of fish finders are best for kayaking?

Fish finders suitable for kayaking generally fall into two categories:

  • Portable Fish Finders: These are compact, self-contained units that are easy to mount and dismount from your kayak. They often come with a small display and a built-in transducer. Portable fish finders are convenient for kayakers who may want to use the device on multiple kayaks or switch between fishing from a kayak and the shore.
  • Castable Fish Finders: Castable fish finders are small, wireless devices that you can cast from your kayak. They transmit sonar data to your smartphone or tablet, allowing you to view the information on a fishing app. These are perfect for kayakers seeking an ultra-portable and versatile solution without permanently mounting anything on their kayak.

Best Life At Large Conclusion

Finding the perfect Humminbird fish finder for kayaking depends on your budget, the features you require, and the body of water you're fishing in. The Humminbird Helix 5 is perfect for those who want a basic model with GPS and CHIRP sonar technology. The Humminbird Helix 7 is ideal for anglers who want advanced sonar features and GPS navigation at a reasonable cost. The Humminbird Helix 9, Solix 15, and Helix 12 are excellent options for professional anglers looking for advanced features like multiple sonar types, large displays, and GPS maps. When choosing a fish finder, consider your fishing style, the depth of the water, and the location you plan to fish in. The five fish finders discussed in this guide are the best options available in the market and will surely improve your kayaking and fishing experience.

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