Hey globetrotters! Are you tired of your toiletries and cosmetics spilling all over your luggage during your travels? Then it's time to level up your packing game with these 5 best travel containers that will save you from spills and leaks. Whether you're planning to go on a weekend getaway or a month-long trip, these travel containers will definitely make your life easier. So, let's get started!


Humangear GoToob+

The Humangear GoToob+ is the perfect travel container for shampoos, conditioners, lotions, and other liquids. It has an easy-to-use flip-cap that prevents leaks and spills. Plus, it's made of soft and squeezable silicon that allows you to get every last drop of your product. It comes in different sizes, from 1.25oz to 6oz, and color-coded for easy identification. So, say goodbye to the hassle of transferring your liquids to different containers every time you travel.


Gemice Travel Bottles

Gemice Travel Bottles are a game-changer for any avid traveler. With their sleek and stylish design, these bottles provide a practical and reliable solution to all your travel needs. From shampoos and lotions to oils and serums, these bottles are versatile and can be filled with a variety of liquids. Not only are they leak-proof and easy to clean, but they are also TSA-approved, meaning you won't have to worry about any hassles at airport security checkpoints. Plus, they come in different sizes, making them convenient to pack in any type of luggage.


Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter Liquid Clean

The Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter Liquid Clean/Dirty Cube is a game-changer for long-term travelers. It's a two-compartment packing cube that separates your clean and dirty clothes, and your liquids. The clean compartment is perfect for your clothes, while the liquid compartment has a spill-proof lining that prevents leakage. It's also easy to clean and has a handle for easy carrying. With this travel container, you can have a hassle-free and organized trip.


Nefeeko Collapsible Water Bottle

Staying hydrated while traveling is crucial, but carrying a bulky water bottle can be a hassle. Enter, the collapsible water bottle. These bottles can be rolled up or folded when not in use, taking up minimal space in your luggage. They’re also made from durable materials and are leak-proof.


Kilner Snack on the Go Jar

Airtight, leak-proof, and perfect for packing snacks, the Kilner Snack on the Go Jar is a must-have for anyone who likes to graze while on the move. It comes with a fork and spoon built into the lid, making it easy to eat and clean up afterward. Plus, the glass jar is durable and environmentally friendly, so you can toss it in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.


What are airline approved travel size containers?

Airline approved travel size containers are typically containers that hold 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters) or less of liquid. These containers are allowed in carry-on luggage and can be used to bring toiletries and other liquids on board the airplane. These containers must be placed in a clear, plastic, quart-sized bag and shown to security personnel during the TSA screening process.

Are Silicone travel bottles better than plastic?

Silicone travel bottles are often considered better than plastic because they are more durable, flexible, and environmentally friendly. Silicone is also more resistant to heat and cold than plastic, making it a good option for storing a wide range of liquids, including hot liquids. However, plastic travel bottles are still a popular option due to their affordability and lightweight nature.

What can't you put in silicone travel bottles?

While silicone travel bottles are versatile and can be used to store a wide range of liquids, there are some substances that should not be stored in them. These include acidic liquids, such as citrus juices, as well as oils and high alcohol content liquids, which can cause the silicone to degrade or break down over time.

Do travel size containers have to be clear?

Yes, travel size containers that are carried on board an airplane must be clear and placed in a clear, plastic, quart-sized bag. This makes it easier for security personnel to identify the contents of the container and ensures that it meets the TSA's guidelines for carrying liquids on board the plane.

Best Life At Large Conclusion

There you have it, travelholics! These 5 best travel containers will surely make your travel experience hassle-free, organized, and spill-free. From toiletries to blankets, these containers are essential for every traveler. So, before you pack your bags for your next trip, make sure to add these containers to your packing list. Happy travels!