June is here, which means it's Pride Month! This time of year is all about celebrating the LGBTQIA+ community and promoting equality and acceptance. One of the best ways to show your support is by wearing Pride merchandise, which also helps raise funds for LGBTQIA+ organizations and foundations. So, if you're looking for ways to show your pride and celebrate the community, look no further. We've rounded up the eight best Pride merchandise items that are sure to make a statement and help support this important cause.

Rainbow Pride Flag

The Proclamation of LGBT Pride Day, by the President of the United States, Bill Clinton, in 2000, had two important symbols, the Pink Triangle and the Rainbow Flag, which have become universal symbols of the LGBTQIA+ community. The rainbow flag, specifically, is a big part of Pride Month. You can get a flag to hang outside your home or wear it as a cape at parades. Either way, it’s a great way to show your pride and support.

Rainbow Face Masks

Face masks are here to stay, so why not make a statement with a rainbow one? Many companies have created colorful masks to celebrate Pride Month, and some even donate a portion of their profits to LGBTQIA+ organizations. It’s a simple way to wear your pride and give back at the same time.

Pride-themed T-shirts

Pride-themed t-shirts are perfect for any casual occasion. From simple rainbow designs to ones with more intricate patterns, you can find a shirt that suits your style. Bonus points if you choose one from an organization that donates profits to LGBTQIA+ charities.

Equality-themed Jewelry

Accessories are a great way to show support without being too flashy. From earrings with the word “Equality” to bracelets with rainbow charms, there are many options to choose from. Look for ones made by LGBTQIA+ creators or organizations to ensure your purchase makes a positive impact.

Pride-Themed Phone Cases

Your phone is with you all the time, so why not show your pride with a fun case? Many companies have created colorful Pride-themed phone cases for various phone models. It’s a great way to show your support every time you pull out your phone.

Rainbow Sneakers

Who says Pride Month has to be all about clothing? Take your love for the community to your feet with some rainbow sneakers. Not only will they make a statement, but they’ll also add some fun color to any outfit.


Reading is a great way to expand your knowledge of the community and learn more about its history. There are many books written by LGBTQIA+ authors or about the community that make great additions to any bookshelf. Plus, buying from queer-owned bookstores supports the community even more.

Equality Flags for Dogs

Don't forget about your furry friend! Many companies have created Pride-themed leashes and collars for dogs, and flags that can easily attach to their collars. It's a fun way to include your pet in the celebrations and show your support.

Best Life At Large Conclusions

Pride Month is all about celebrating love, acceptance, and equality. By wearing Pride merchandise, you can show your support and help raise awareness for the LGBTQIA+ community. From rainbow flags and face masks to equality-themed jewelry and books, there are so many ways to show your pride and make a positive impact. Whether you’re attending a parade or just running errands, wearing Pride merchandise is a great way to show your support every day. So, let's celebrate love and equality with these eight amazing Pride items!

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