Ready to take your next journey? Make sure you're fully prepared with these four fabulous travel purses – perfect for stylish globetrotters!

Going on a journey of any kind requires the right accessories—especially when it comes to finding that perfect travel purse! And we've done all the hard work for you. We’ve rounded up four of the best and most stylish travel purses, so you can rest assured knowing your belongings will stay safe and secure throughout your travels.

But these bags are about more than just staying organized and keeping things secure - they're fashionable too! These bags not only look great but also come in all different sizes, colors, shapes and styles, ensuring there is something here to fit everyone's individual style preferences while still maintaining security every step of the way.

Travelon Unisex-Adult Casual

5-Point Anti-Theft Security System, Slash-Proof Construction

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The Anti-Theft Travel Bag from Travelon

Why We Love It?

This traveling bag has been designed to be as secure as possible. It features an RFID-blocking exterior pocket to keep your personal information safe from tech-savvy thieves and slash-proof straps to protect against an attacker trying to snatch it away from you. And if you need a place to store small items like keys or phones, it comes with several interior pockets for easy organization. Plus, it looks great too! With its chic design and adjustable crossbody strap, you can use this bag anywhere – from the airport to dinner out in town.

BOPAI Unisex Backpacks

3 Way Carrying System, Invincible Water Bottle Pocket

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The Convertible Backpack Purse from Bopai

Why We Love It?

This stylish backpack purse is perfect if you want something that’s both convenient and stylish. It features two large compartments with plenty of room for all your essentials such as laptops, tablets, books, and more. Plus, it comes with a detachable shoulder strap so you can easily switch up its look depending on where you’re headed. And you don’t have to worry about security either – the backpack purse has anti-theft technology built into it so no one will be able to open it without your permission.

lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag

Easy-access, Exterior Pocket for your Essentials 

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Belt Bag from Lululemon

Why We Love It?

The Everywhere Belt Bag by Lululemon is the perfect combination of fashion and function. It's sleek design includes four pockets, two zippered front pockets and two slip-in sleeves to store all your on-the-go essentials. Not only does its lightweight construction mean it won't weigh you down when traveling, but its adjustable strap makes sure it fits perfectly with your style. Whether you're headed around the block or across the world, this fashion accessory has you covered. Make a statement and experience the ultimate in convenience with this travel purse from Lululemon.

Vera Bradley Crossbody Purse

100% Cotton, With 3 Individual Compartments

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The Multi Pocket Tote Bag from Vera Bradley

Why We Love It?

This roomy yet still lightweight bag is perfect if all those other bags aren’t quite big enough for all the stuff that needs carrying around during your travels! This multi pocketed bag comes with 15 different pockets in total which means there’s always space for whatever items need stowing away quickly and safely – whether that be snacks or souvenirs! And if style is important too then don’t worry – this bag comes in several different colors and patterns so there should be something here that suits everyone's taste!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the safest type of purse to travel with?

There are several factors to consider when evaluating the safest type of purse to take on your travels, such as size and design. A small crossbody bag or wristlet can be a great choice if you want something lightweight that won't require too much extra effort while carrying it around. Crossbody bags allow you to keep your belongings close and zippered pockets make it more difficult for pickpockets or would-be thieves to access personal items and of course you must consider the anti theft features.

Is it better to travel with a backpack or a tote?

Backpacks offer more security since they can be worn on your back, making them difficult for pickpockets or thieves to access. They also offer a lot more space than totes do, making them great for long trips when you need lots of extra items like camping supplies or food. Additionally, most backpacks come with adjustable shoulder straps which allow you to customize their fit depending on how much weight you are carrying - a must-have if you're packing heavy! The downside is that due to their shape, they can be bulky and not as comfortable when carrying over long distances.

Is it better to carry a backpack or a purse?

Both backpacks and purses have their own unique benefits, but if you're looking for something that truly stands out when it comes to quality and convenience, then you should be carrying a backpack. Backpacks are hands-free solutions that make it easy to carry more items while freeing up your arms for activities like taking pictures or texting on your phone. They also tend to have higher storage capacities than purses thanks to the added space from loops, straps, pockets, and other features.

Are crossbody bags good for travel?

Absolutely! Crossbody bags are the perfect companion for any travel adventure. Not only are they convenient and easy to carry, but they also offer maximum security while keeping your hands free. The adjustable shoulder straps make it comfortable to wear throughout your journey and help keep the bag securely fastened when you’re running through airports or navigating crowded city streets. Additionally, because of their small size and lightweight construction, crossbody bags don't take up much space in your luggage or weigh down your shoulders during extended sightseeing trips.

Which type of handbags are allowed in flight?

The type of handbags allowed in flight depends on the size, weight and contents. Generally, the handbag should not exceed 45 linear inches (the length plus width plus height). It must also weigh less than 40lbs. Furthermore, it should not have any sharp objects or flammable items like lighters or matches that would be considered hazardous materials. In terms of contents, you can bring essential items such as medical supplies/medication, travel documents and electronics, but all liquids must be limited to 3oz (or less) containers placed in a single quart-sized bag per passenger.

Best Life At Large Takeaway

If you're looking for the perfect travel purse then these four options are sure to fit the bill! From classic styles like the Lululemon Overland Crossbody Bag which offers sleek style plus security features galore, through to more functional choices such as Bopai's Convertible Backpack Purse which provides plenty of storage space while remaining deceptively light in weight - one of these bags is sure make carrying around all those essentials during your next adventure an absolute breeze!