If you’re looking for a way to fall asleep faster and get a better night’s sleep, then check out our list of the best headphones for sleeping.

We’ve tested and reviewed some of the most popular headphones on the market to help you find the perfect pair for you. Whether you want to listen to music, audiobooks, or white noise to fall asleep, we’ve got you covered.

Our top 3 picks are sure to help you get the best sleep possible. With features like noise-canceling technology and comfortable designs, these headphones will make falling asleep easier than ever before.

Check out our list of the best headphones for sleeping and find the perfect pair for you!

How to Choose the Best Earbuds for Sleep

It can be hard to find a good pair of earbuds that are also comfortable and designed for sleep.

A lot of people struggle to get a good night's sleep, and part of the problem might be that they're not using the right tools.

Here's our list of the best earbuds for sleep! We've curated a list of the most comfortable, high sound quality earbuds that will help you drift off to dreamland in no time. Also, make sure that nestle into your ear canal to block out ambient noise.

Bose Sleepbuds™ II

Bose Sleepbuds™ II | Best Life At Large

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Bose's Sleepbuds II are designed specifically to help you get a good night's sleep. Instead of playing music, the earbuds emit a selection of 50 "noise-masking" sounds that are clinically proven to aid sleep. The sounds can be selected via the Bose Sleep app, and include options like white noise, rain, and ocean waves.

The wireless earbuds earbuds are also ultra-lightweight and comfortable, making them ideal for sleeping. In addition, the buds feature adaptive noise cancellation technology that cancels out onboard noises like snoring partners or noisy roommates. As a result, the Sleepbuds II are among the most effective sleep aids on the market.

Noise Masking: Sleep sounds work with the noise-blocking design of the ear tip, and are optimized to mask nighttime disturbances such as background noise.

Tranquilities: Relaxing, tonal environments designed to bring peace to your mind and body.

Naturescapes: Soothing sounds from nature and beyond transport you to comforting spaces.

AmazeFit Zenbuds

AmazeFit Zenbuds | Better Life At Large

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The Amazfit ZenBuds was the runner-up for favorite sleep headphones. They come with a litany of advanced features, including built-in sleep tracking — something we had to rely on our Apple Watch for with the Bose Sleepbuds II.

The headphones are also very comfortable, with a soft silicone design that won't irritate your skin like some of the all-plastic options out there. And, they come with a charging case that will give you an extra 14 hours of battery life. If you're looking for a great pair of sleep headphones that won't break the bank, the Amazfit ZenBuds are definitely worth considering.

Sleep-Inducing Soothing Sounds: Using Knowles full-range armature receivers, the earbuds can play different relaxing and sleep-inducing sounds, imitating different scenarios and natural environments.

Auto-Stop Upon Sleep Detection: After you fall asleep, the earbuds automatically pause playing, so you can sleep soundly throughout the night.

Super Lightweight and Comfortable: Weigh 1.78g* per side, and with their soft, flexible and skin-friendly silicone tips, they are ultra-comfortable to wear while sleeping.

Secure Fit for the Whole Night: The fin of the ear tips securely embraces your ear ridge, preventing them from slipping out as you move.

Secure Fit for the Whole Night: The fin of the ear tips securely embraces your ear ridge, preventing them from slipping out as you move. They sit comfortably for the whole night so you can change position as you please.

Professional Sleep Quality Analysis: The Amazfit ZenBuds monitor your heart rate, sleep positions, and the quality of your sleep.

Personal In-Ear Alarm: In the morning, the alarm goes off in your ear so no one else can hear it.

Long Battery Life: A fully charged pair of ZenBuds can last for up to 12 hours with the playback duration mode.

Smart Call Notification: The earbuds will make sure you won’t miss an incoming call in the midst of your “zen-zone”.

MusicCozy Sleep Headphones

MusicCozy Sleep Headphones | Good Life At Large

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If you're not a fan of the traditional earbud-style headphones, don't worry - we've got you covered. The MUSICOZY Sleep Headphones look like a simple eye mask, but they actually have a pair of thin Bluetooth speakers hidden inside.

They might look a little different, but they work just like any other wireless headphones. All you need to do is pair them with your device and you're good to go.

Whether you're trying to get a better night's sleep or just want to block out the world for a little while, these headphones are a great option. And at under $30, they're an affordable way to get the job done.

Hands-Free Calling: Built-in microphone and Bluetooth module. Hands-Free Calling and Easy Controls for volume, skip, pause and play, allows you to answer a call without taking hands out of pocket.

Richer Bass & High Definition Sound: Drawing on extensive research and development, Musicozy Bluetooth sleeping headphones features HD stereo sound with high definition and unparalleled rock-solid richer bass.

1-2 Hour Quick Charge for 8-10 Hours Playing: Improved lithium polymer battery brings up to 10 hours of pleasure musically and socially with a quick charge of only 1~2 hours.

Advanced Bluetooth 5.2 Module: Provides in-call stereo sound. Also own a safer, faster and more stable transmission than 5.0 Version without tangling.

One Size Fits Most: Super stretchy headband provide a comfortable fit and cozy experience.

Sleeping Headphones FAQ's

Is it ok to sleep with your headphones while sleeping?

Sleeping with headphones is generally considered to be safe. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind if you plan on doing this on a regular basis.

First, it's important to make sure that the headphones you're using are comfortable and not too tight. Sleeping with headphones that are too tight can cause headaches or discomfort.

Second, be aware of the volume level when you're sleeping with headphones on. It's important not to have the volume set too high, as this could damage your hearing over time.

Third, if you tend to move around a lot while you sleep, it's possible that the headphones could become tangled and cause you to wake up.

Which headphones are the best best for sleeping, wire or wireless?

There is no definitive answer to this question as everyone's ears and sleep habits are different.

However, generally speaking, wireless headphones are a better option for sleeping as they don't have any cables or wires that can get tangled up or pulled on during the night better.

What is the best headphones for sleeping?

It depends on what you mean by "best." Some people might prefer headphones that block out all sound, while others might prefer headphones that play calming sounds or music to help them fall asleep.

Some factors to consider when choosing headphones for sleeping include comfort, noise cancelling capabilities, and price. Ultimately, the best headphones for sleeping are the ones that work best for you personally.

How are you supposed to sleep with over ear headphones?

This is a great question! Sleeping with over ear headphones can be a bit tricky, but there are a few things you can do to make it more comfortable.

First, make sure that your headphones are snug but not too tight. You don't want them to fall off in the middle of the night, but you also don't want them to be so tight that they're uncomfortable.

Second, consider getting a pillow that's designed for use with over ear headphones. These pillows have special cutouts for the headphones so that they don't put any pressure on your ears while you're sleeping.

Third, try wearing the headphones backwards. This might seem strange, but it can actually be more comfortable than wearing them

Best Life At Large Takeaway

It’s estimated that around 30% of people struggle with some form of sleep disorder. If you’re one of those people, you’ll know how important it is to get a good night’s sleep.

But sometimes, it’s not so easy to drift off into a peaceful slumber. That’s where sleeping headphones can help. By blocking out external noise and providing a calming soundscape, sleeping headphones can provide the relaxation you need to fall asleep – and stay asleep.

In this roundup, we’ve collected some of the best sleeping headphones on the market. Whether you want in-ear buds or over-ear cups, there’s sure to be a pair of sleep phones that suit your needs.

So what are you waiting for? Choose headphones that you would be happy to wear when you try to get a full 8 hours of sleep without experiencing any pain or discomfort.